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BAMnet - one of the original "metered" internet access providers where access to the Internet is based on per-minute costs, not a monthly fee payment. Nearly all other Internet access providers charge a monthly fee for service.

In 1994, the founders of BAMnet designed a telecom product that served "metered" Internet Access to rural sections in the United States. This innovative design lowered the costs for people who did not (and in many cases still do not) have local dial-up access to the Internet. In using BAMnet's 1-800 dialup network, the rural customer no longer paid a monthly access fee, and their long distance toll charge was reduced to a lower cost as well.

In 1998, the company expanded and incorporated as an Interexchange telecommuniations (IXC) provider and launced 10-10-2000, the Nation's first 10-10 style Internet access product. The per-minute costs were charged to a user's local phone bill as a toll call.

The time to "travel" has come!

During the early summer of 2001, demand for BAMnet's "metered" access services started shifting towards people who travel. It did not take long for the officers of BAMnet to see a new opportunity. So they set on a mission to enhance all internal processes and expand the Company's reach to include access from Hotels, RV Parks, Rest Stops, or just about anywhere a person may need the Internet while on the road.

Today's lineup of services include the original 1-800 dialup product, plus dialup numbers in 47 countries. In addition to dialup services, the company has expanded to include Wi-Fi Internet access services in 16 countries.

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*Use BAMnet for your traveling Internet access needs. Or, if you live in a location where "local" dial-up to the Internet is not an option, BAMnet can help save you money.

*Corporations (or groups) can save money by using BAMnet's "group" option which allows from as little as two to an unlimited number of users to share a pool of prepaid minutes. For as little as $50, you can provide access to all your employees. Either as their primary source while traveling, or simply as a backup for when wireless is not an option.


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