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Software Supported
Windows XP
Windows 2000
Windows ME
Windows 98
Windows 95
Windows CE
Macintosh 7 - 10
Linux / Unix

Platforms Supported
AOL 4 - 7

and most
Hand-held Devices






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- Nationwide 1-800 dial-up access to the Internet.
- No monthly access fee.
- Only 6½ cents per minute.
- Your choice of billing options.

Please Note: Using BAMnet will incur $0.065/minute charges REGARDLESS of where you are calling from (i.e. It is much better to use a GreenNet local number, and only use BAMnet when you are outside the GreenNet local calling area).

  Designed for people who travel
  1-800 dial-up access from Hotel Rooms, RV Parks, Truck Stops, Rest Stops, Airports, or just about anywhere nationwide -- includes access from pay phones and cell phones.
  Continental United States only. Not available in Alaska or Hawaii.
  No special software required
  BAMnet uses your computer's built-in dial-up software to connect. Simply sign-up for BAMnet's service, configure your computer to dial our 1-800 access number, and the next time you need Internet access while on the road, connect with BAMnet!
  Cost is just 6½ cents per minute
  Six and one half (6.5) cents per-minute is a combined toll and Internet cost; there are no additional toll charges associated with connecting to BAMnet. When dialing from a public phone, a thirty-five cent FCC mandated surcharge may apply. Visit our Toll Costs page for complete details on usage and per minute toll costs.
  What is BAMnet?

BAMnet is access to the Internet at a per minute basis (metered Internet). Upon your connection to BAMnet, simply open Internet Explorer or Netscape and start browsing. It's that simple!

You are not required to download or install any special software. There is no forced viewing of "pop-up" ad banners.

  Questions: 1-877-3-BAMNET (609-631-8356) or
email us at

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